I started getting involved with the Greens in early 2016 after I attended a local branch meeting and was greeted by kind, compassionate and like-minded people - with values that strongly aligned with mine. I haven't looked back since.

When I first read the Greens' four pillars, I was shocked at how closely they represented my own values - I believe that every human being is equal and should have the right to breathe clean air and enjoy our natural environment.


I think that politics should exist to serve people, not corporations. I also believe that no Government should act in direct defiance of international human rights bodies, as ours has in recent years.

Volunteering for the Greens has changed my life, I have found an immense passion for politics and made great friends. It's an amazing feeling when you can take your ethics and put them into action, working toward a future that you truly believe in.

If you're thinking about volunteering, do it!

- Ashley Sutherland

Please also consider a donation to the campaign.


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