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  • Membership of your local branch
  • Membership of South Australian Greens (state body)
  • Membership of the Australian Greens (national body)
Joining the SA Greens

IMPORTANT: the below membership options are all recurring charges, and will be charged to your credit card, either monthly or yearly as noted. If you wish to confirm only 1 year of membership, please use this form instead.

The South Australian Greens offers an additional membership option to First Nations People.

I am a First Nations Person

In applying for Membership of the South Australian Greens, you make the following declaration:

I declare that I am not a member of another political party or the subordinate of another political party. I will not join such a proscribed organisation while I am a member of the Greens. I have read the Charter of the Greens and agree to abide by the Party's constitution

I understand that my membership of the South Australian Greens means that I automatically become a member of the Australian Greens.

I understand that my application for membership of the South Australian Greens is subject to approval by the existing party membership.

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